Veteran Singer Lata Mangeshkar: Coming Forward In Support For Army.

Lata Mangeshkar
Lata Mangeshkar

Nightingale Lata Mangeshkar has often come about her respect for our soldiers. After the Pulwama attack, Lata Mangeshkar Ji had expressed her grief and had taken to Twitter to post her message,

“जम्मू-कश्मीर के पुलवामा में हुए आतंकी हमले की मैं कड़ी निंदा करती हूँ. इस हमले में जो हमारे वीर जवान शहीद हुए है उनको मैं श्रद्धांजली अर्पित करती हूँ. इन सभी वीरों के परिवारों के दुःख में मैं शामिल हूँ.”

Not only this veteran singer has announced a grant of Rs 1 crore for Indian soldiers.

The donation is going in hands of the Indian Army on Master Dinanath Mangeshkar’s death anniversary on April 24. In addition to this, the Dinanath Mangeshkar Pratisthan will also transfer Rs. 5 lakh to the army for the benefit of the soldiers who serve our country. Lata Ji is happy to see the entertainment industry coming forward with its support for the army. On being talked about this she said, “Iss mein kaun si badi baat hai? Badi baat toh hamare jawaan kar rahen hainjaan gawa rahen hain hamari   khatirhamare desh ki khatir.

Lata Mangeshkar Expressed Her Grief

Unhe mera laakhon pranaam. (What’s the big deal in this? It’s our soldiers who are achieving a big feat, they are losing life for us, for the country. I respect them.)” Lata Mangeshkar Ji believes that everyone should contribute whatever they can. She says, “It’s the least I could do. We should be doing a lot more for the army. Considering what they do for us, we can never repay their debt.”

This is not the first time she had done something for soldiers before also when our soldiers have died so brutally in Uri, Lata Mangeshkar Ji didn’t celebrate her Birthday. She had told her fans, “Instead of sending me birthday greeting card, gifts, flowers, spend that money on jawans.” “Jo shaheed huey hain unki zaraa yaad karo qurbani,” she said

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