Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connelly recreated the magic, ‘Top Gun’ iconic bike scene

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Although there’s still a lot of time for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ to come and hit screens, but Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connelly have already started to make us excited about the film right away. The sequel to the original venture is currently being shot in Los Angeles. Recently Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connelly recreated the iconic bike scene. The scene from the 1986 ‘Top Gun’ and sent some hearts racing. The scene in which Maverick and his love interest Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Blackwood, portrayed by Kelly McGillis, go for a ride.

Here Connelly plays Cruise’s love interest in the sequel. The 48-year-old actor was photographed holding on to Cruise, 56, from the back on a black motorcycle as he drove. Although not known to be the most passenger-friendly motorcycles, the motorcycle is, however, known to be incredibly fast. Hopefully, the movie will see more of it. The Ninja H2 did not seem to deter the spirit of Maverick who really just wanted a ride with his flame. Cruise and Connelly looked super at ease.

Jennifer Connelly praised Tom Cruise

The couple dressed in the signature bomber jacket with his aviators in place, on a black Kawasaki Ninja H2, which is Maverick’s bike in the film.  After the lovely ride, she kisses him on the cheek and soon a more passionate turn and Connelly planted a smooch on Cruise’s lips as she got off his ride. Actor Jennifer Connelly has praised his co-star Tom Cruise for his driving skills after they recreated the iconic motorcycle scene from Top Gun for the sequel.

Connelly enthusiastically says about working with Cruise. In a statement she was found saying “It’s been really fun, He’s so passionate about what he’s doing,” she adds.

“He’s so committed. He’s so dedicated. I have so much respect for that. It’s really been a privilege.”

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