Shah Rukh Khan Biography: Journey from a simple Delhi boy to King Khan of Bollywood

Actor Shah Rukh Khan Biography
Actor Shah Rukh Khan Biography

One of the most successful Indian actor – Shah Rukh Khan is a simple boy from Delhi that seeks his fortune in Mumbai and takes Bollywood by storm. The life of actor Shah Rukh Khan is as the Indians love it: full of drama, success, and love.
In almost 30 years, Khan has made more than 80 films. India calls him the “King of Bollywood”. He is one of the rulers in the Indian film industry in Mumbai, which annually throws around 1000 feature films on the market. For a long time, Khan has not only been an actor, but also a successful producer and presenter.

Shah Rukh Khan Biography: His Personal Life

Shah Rukh Khan made his breakthrough in 1988 with his role in the TV series “Soldier” (Fauji). Among his most famous films is, “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” in the year 1995. Like most Indian films, it is a colorful mix of romance and action, drama, comedy and musical. It is a choice of millions – The Maratha Mandir Cinema in Mumbai has been playing the movie for over 20 years, and some viewers have seen it over 50 times.

Small scandals do follow him, Shah Rukh was planted a stadium ban, in 2012, after he was allegedly mobbed in a cricket match in Mumbai in the drunken state.

Shah Rukh Khan Biography: A Love Life that inspires many lovers

The star is married to his college sweetheart, Gauri Khan, and have three children. They live in the suburb of Mumbai, India. Shah Rukh Khan is happily married and has inspired many lovers all over the world. His successful marriage has proved the world that true love still exists. A doting brother a loving husband and a caring father – he is the epitome that makes him people choice.

On November 2, 2018, Shah Rukh Khan celebrates his 53rd birthday. But he never thinks much about his age, it is just a number for him. So, he continues work regardless of his age – he is currently promoting his latest work: Zero.

Shah Rukh Khan Biography: International recognition

Shah Rukh Khan became internationally popular through the musical melodrama “Dil Se” (1998) about the love of a fitted man as a terrorist. After the turn of the millennium, he landed with “Khabi Kushi Khabie Gham (2001), “Chak De India” (2007) and “Om Shanti Om” other huge hits. His films were not only successful at the box office but also earned him a lot of critical praise and numerous awards.

With his films, the award-winning Shah Rukh Khan has won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Alone on Twitter and Facebook, he is followed by around 16 million people. “Shah Rukh Khan has the power to connect with each viewer individually, he dramatizes, he can make you cry and laugh, he makes the screen shine,” says Indian film critic Suparna Sharma.

Recently, in Vancouver to one of the famous TED talks, he took the stage and started talking in front of some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley. He was born in a middle-class family in New Delhi, orphaned at 20 and is now a renowned actor, producer, collector of luxury cars and co-owner of a cricket team in the Indian league. Life of Shah Rukh Khan shows that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.

Shah Rukh Khan Biography: Tried luck on Cricket as well

Cricket is the national sport in India. Together with actress Juhi Chawla and her fiance Jay Mehta, Shah Rukh Khan owns cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders from East Bengal. In 2012 and 2014, the Knight Riders won the Indian Premier League and held the record of the longest winning streak of an Indian team in the Champions League Twenty-20.

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