Raúl Araiza

Raúl Araiza
Raúl Araiza

Raúl Araiza Cadena was born in Minatitlán, Veracruz, Mexico on September 1, 1935 . He was a Mexican actor, producer and director. He died at the age of 77 in Mexico. He first directed El milagro de vivir TV show in the year 1975. He also made a special appearence in the same show.

Raúl Araiza received Premios TVyNovelas “Best Direction” award for “La traición” in the year 1985, and for “Senda de gloria” in the year 1988.

In the year 1980, Raúl Araiza produced the Cancionera TV show. The show was a musical, drama and romance and 20 episodes were aired. The show cast included Manuel Ojeda, July Furlong and Rosario Gálvez.

El derecho de nacer is the second TV show directed by Raúl Araiza in 1981. The show starred Verónica CastroIgnacio and López Tarso. The show consisted of 1 season with 190 episodes. It also received Best Telenovela of the Year in “1st TVyNovelas Awards” in 1983. Laura Flores won Best Female Revelation.

Raúl Araiza in TV Shows

TV ShowRole nameYear
Senda de gloriaRaúl Araiza as Padre Antonio Álvarez1987
Retrato de familiaRaúl Araiza as Diego Corona 1995-96
AzulRaúl Araiza as Javier Valverde1996
El derecho de nacerRaúl Araiza as El Negro2001

Raúl Araiza as Producer in TV Shows

TV ShowYear
Así son ellas2002-03

Raúl Araiza as Director in TV Shows

TV ShowYear
El milagro de vivir1975
El derecho de nacer1981
Vanessa (Part 2)1982
Bianca Vidal (Part 1) 1982-83
El maleficio1983
La traición1983
Senda de gloria1987
Tres mujeres1999-2000
Así son ellas2002-03
Barrera de amor2005-06
El Pantera2008
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