Mahabharata Serial Title Song Lyrics: The Journey For The Iconic Title Song Was Not Easy

Mahabharata Serial Title Song
Mahabharata Serial Title Song

Surdas and Rasakhan’s Dohavali and the verses in the Mahabharata have been used as singing

Mahabharata Serial Title Song Lyrics

The love for the epic serial ‘Mahabharata’ was again seen on fire, when it re-released on Television under coronavirus lockdown. After Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayan’ the show was the second most popular show, which also re-telecasted on Doordarshan under the lockdown. From the day it started Mahabharat fans from all over the world wanted to know everything about it. The “MAHABHARAT” title song made everyone its fan no doubt. In one of his interviews the popular singer Mahendra Kapoor who sung the title song for the serial Mahabharat expressed his views on how he used to get nervous before his recordings, but by God’s grace and the blessings of Maa Saraswati he comes up with beautiful compositions.

The journey for the iconic title song was not easy; in fact a lot of people were involved in making the music for this great epic. Apart from the contribution of the actors to the superb acting, good direction and strong scripting, music played an important role to make B. R. Chopra’s Mahabharat famous. Every song of Mahabharata serial is liked by the fans. One of the unique and best things about BR Chopra’s Mahabharata is that the song has been made according to every important situation. The 94-episode series was produced by B. R. Chopra and directed by his son Ravi Chopra. Rahi Masoom Raza composed the script and songs. We all know the music director was Rajkamal and most of the songs were sung by veteran playback singer Mahendra Kapoor. But very few people know that Surdas and Rasakhan’s Dohavali and the verses in the Mahabharata have been used as singing. While the rest of the songs were written by Pandit Narendra Sharma. Along with Mahendra Kapoor, Raj Kamal, Anuradha Paudwal, Lata Mangeshkar, Nitin Mukesh, Kavita Krishnamurthy and Sadhana Sargam gave their beautiful voices for the serial.

Mahabharat Title Song Lyrics With Meaning

Atha shri Mahabharat katha

Mahabharat katha

Katha hai purusharth yeh ki

Swarth ki parmarth ki

Meaning: “This is the story of Mahabharat. It’s a tale of honour, greed, the ultimate truth.”

Sarthi jis ke bane

ShriKrishna Bharat Parth ki

Meaning: “This is the story of Lord Krishna who had become a charioteer (in the Kurukshetra battle) for Arjuna who is descendant of Bharat.”

Shabdh Dighoshit Hua Jab

Satya Sarthak Sarvatha..

Meaning: “When the great words (Bhagavad Gita) were proclaimed, they showed the path (of righteousness) … the words signified truth that was fit and entire.”

Verse from the Bhagavad Gita (Gita 4-7)

Yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata

Abhyutthanam adharmasya tadatmanam srjamy aham

Meaning: “Whenever and wherever there is a decline in righteousness, O Bharata, And a predominant rise of unrighteousness, then I manifest Myself”

Verse from the Bhagavad Gita (Gita 4-8)

Paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskritam

Dharma-samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge

Meaning: “To deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, To re-establish the principles of Dharma (righteousness,) I will manifest myself era after era”

Read the Lyrics In Hindi

महाभारत.. महाभारत.. महाभारत..

आ.. आ..

अथ श्री महाभारत कथा

अथ श्री महाभारत कथा आ..

महाभारत कथा

महाभारत कथा

कथा है पुरुषार्थ की ये स्वार्थ की परमार्थ की

सारथि जिसके बने श्री कृष्ण भारत पार्थ की

शब्द दिग्घोषित हुआ

जब सत्य सार्थक सर्वथा

शब्द दिग्घोषित हुआ

यदा यदा ही धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत अभ्युत्थानमअधर्मस्य तदात्मानम सृज्याहम। परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम धर्म संस्थापनार्थाये संभवामि युगे युगे।।

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