Madhuri Dixit: Perfect Style Is The One That Makes You Look More Confident

Madhuri Dixit
Madhuri Dixit

Bollywood Diva Madhuri Dixit who is known for her fabulous work in many movies has always been praised by critics for her acting and dancing skills. Why limiting only to this, she has rightfully made her fans crazy by her gorgeous style. Recently talking with Style Diaries she revealed her style and fashion mantra. Let’s read what Madhuri Dixit has to say about her style.

Madhuri Dixit prefers to wear jeans and a nice shirt whenever she is going for an outing. While when she is going out for a date with her husband she will offer herself a more feminine look. This special look could be a nice dress or a feminine shirt with jeans. The makeup item she always carries with her is her lip balm. The needful item which always carries with her while going out for shoots is her extra scarf, just because the places or sets where she visits are sometimes a little colder. Mrs. Nene reveals the very first thing to see in the morning is her hair. Madhuri Dixit looks at her hair how they are looking.

When asked about some treasured item she might be having, Madhuri Dixit giggles and remembers about a white shirt. Madhuri says it’s just a plain full sleeves shirt which goes with both skirt and jeans. The dress she would not like to wear is one with frills. She will not go for flouncy and frilly dresses. She loves to wear ripped jeans, they are cool to wear but it depends on how ripped they are. She doesn’t like window ripped one flair jeans and says not everyone can carry. Madhurilovese the jewellery worn by Rekha Ji. She confesses she loves the sense of style of actresses like Sonam, Deepika, Priyanka but wanders if she can steal their clothes like how these outfits will look on her. Carrying tote and slings fascinates her. 

Madhuri Dixit says bottom line for any style is that it should be a comfortable one. According to her fashion mantra includes the perfect style is the one that makes you look more confident.

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