Hum Chaar: Repetitive and Forced Drama

hum chaar movie
hum chaar movie

The Rajshri banner’s latest venture Hum Chaar is the next offering, upholding the values that Rajshri has stood for, for the past 71 years. Hum Chaar brings young, new actors to share the silver space. It is a Bollywood drama, helmed by Abhishek Dixit.

The story of the film revolves around four college friends who went with their own direction in life but remained inseparable from each other. Hum Chaar is based on the concept of friends become family. Combining two eternal bonds of family, and friendship the movie is how it proceeds.

Director: Abhishek Dixit

Genre: Drama

In Theatres: released worldwide on 15 February 2019

Runtime: 143 minutes

Studio: Rajshri Productions

Starring: Prit Kamani, Anshuman Malhotra, Simran Sharma and Tushar Pandey

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Hum Chaar: Movie Review

The is a story of Namit (Prit Kamani), Abeer (Anshuman Malhotra) and Surjo (Tushar Pandey) studying in medical college. Their life changes with the entry of Manjari (Simran Sharma).While Manjari considers these guys like her best friends, the triplet on the other end are madly in love with her. This leads to a series of chaos and drama between friends. The drama is repetitive and should have been edited well. There is no fun or entertainment quotient in the second half and it comes out to be boring.

The viewers witness chemistry between the four friends but those moments are very few. In fact, just as we start enjoying the bonding between the four, the best half of the film, the first half is over. The second half drags on for a good one hour, and again this is not much. It’s true the film has released during Valentine’s week, it may drag interests of young, college going students. The pre-interval track drags and the fallout between the friends seemed unjustified, leading to forced drama.

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