Gully Beat: Battle to be an Indie Rapper


Gully Beat App Review

Today’s generation is a generation of trends who believe in being the Trendsetters and nit the followers. So Play Store and App Store have made available a very exciting platform for the musical youngsters to create and record their Raps which is offered by the Excel Entertainment Private Limited.

Yes, we are talking about the newly launched app “Gully Beat”. This app is launched on 4th February 2019 and got updated on 7th February 2019 with 1000+ downloads within a few days.

Gully Beat Mobile Application Review

This app help you to create, share and discovers Raps. The reason behind the production of the app is the decisive moment for the rap as seen among the young generation of Indian Streets. The app is especially created for the Voice of Streets where they can record, share and discover some freestyle Raps. This concept of Street Rapping is taken from the upcoming movie Gully Boy where a 22 years old boy Murad Sheikh, decides and starts to rap from the streets and rise from Rap to Riches.

The popular Rap song “APNA TIME AYEGA” have reached around 42 Million views on YouTube. This Rap song has become and inspiration for the budding street Rappers. And to bring them forward, this app is introduced.

All you have to do on this app is to download it, create a profile, generate your Rapper name and start with the beat. You can also share all your compositions on Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media platforms.

 You can also get the opportunity to get featured on Gully Beat by sending in your creations to the artists from GULLY BEAT, the RAP ka APP.Whether Rap is what all you want or it’s just something that you thrust for, GULLY BEAT is the app.

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