Few Unexplored Facts About Barbie Doll of Bollywood: Katrina Kaif

Actress Katrina Kaif
Actress Katrina Kaif

Lesser Known Facts About Katrina Kaif You Probably Didn’t Know

Katrina Kaif facts

Katrina Kaif is a famous Indian Bollywood celebrity and an English actress who works in Hindi films. She was born on 16 July 1983in Hong Kong to Mohammed Kaif, a British businessman of Kashmiri descent and Suzanne,an English lawyer and charity worker. She has seven siblings including an elder brother, Michael, three elder sisters (Stephanie, Christine, and Natasha) and three younger sisters (Melissa, Sonia, and Isabel). When she was a child, her parents divorced and her father moved to the United States.

Katrina Kaif did not attend any regular school. It was Katrina’s mother Suzanne who home-schooled her, with the aid of correspondence courses. While you know much about the pretty actress, there is something unexplored. Find out more to explore about the beautiful star of Bollywood Katrina Kaif.

Katrina Kaif Facts
Katrina Kaif Facts

Facts You Didn’t Know About Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif Fact #1]  Katrina began modelling professionally in London, and during a part of London Fashion Week, it is believed that filmmaker Kaizad Gustad saw Katrina for the first time and offered her Boom

Katrina Kaif Fact #2] Katrina is slightly superstitious and is said to be an extreme believer of God. Before her films release she apparently visits the Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai, Dargah Sharif in Ajmer and Mount Mary Church in Mumbai for their blessings.

Katrina Kaif Fact #3] So far, Katrina has done 21 Bollywood films of which she has appeared maximum number of times (six) alongside actor Akshay Kumar.

Katrina Kaif Fact #4] Katrina once stated she is a very private person, and hence she is not on major social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

Katrina Kaif Fact #5] The star has won 23 awards across various awards till date.

Katrina Kaif Facts
Katrina Kaif Facts

Katrina Kaif Fact #6] She is very choosy about what she promotes. “It is important for me that the product I endorse should deliver on its promise,” she said.

Katrina Kaif is afraid of the dark

Katrina Kaif Fact #7] In the year 2011 and 2013, Katrina Kaif was named the most searched Indian celebrity on the internet.

Katrina Kaif Fact #8] Her favourite bands include Muse, Radiohead and Coldplay. The actress is extremely fond of these.

Katrina Kaif Fact #9] Katrina is a big admirer of Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp. Her favorite actresses include Kajol and Madhuri Dixit.

Katrina Kaif Fact #10] Like any of us the gorgeous Katrina is also afraid of the dark.

Katrina Kaif Fact #11] Along with modelling and acting, Katrina Kaif is also fond of painting and an avid chess player.

Katrina Kaif Fact #12] Katrina doesn’t like being called ‘Kat’. “Honestly, I don’t like it when people call me Kat, I don’t know who coined this name,” she once said.

Katrina Kaif Fact #13] She likes English food and is very fond of Yorkshire pudding.

Katrina Kaif Fact #14] Katrina is half-Brit and half-Indian.

Katrina Kaif Fact #15] In Forbes India, Katrina Kaif was the only woman who was featured in the top 10 list of 2013.

Katrina Kaif facts
Katrina Kaif facts

Katrina Kaif Fact #16] Apart from Bollywood films, Katrina Kaif also appeared in South Indian films ‘Malliswari’, which released in 2004. For this film, Katrina charged 75 lakh rupees. This is the highest amount that any heroine had ever been paid in the South Indian film industry.

Katrina’s full name is Katrina Turquotte

Katrina Kaif Fact #17] Katrina Kaif belongs to a family that was settled in Britain. Among the countries she has travelled include Belgium, Poland, Japan, France, Switzerland, China and some European countries.

Katrina Kaif Fact #18]  Katrina’s full name is not actually Katrina Kaif. Her full name is Katrina Turquotte, after her mother’s name. Boom’s producer Ayesha Shroff, decided to change it to something more acceptable. Finally, they settled with Kaif, so Katrina Kaif.

Katrina Kaif Fact #19] Katrina has been moving and traveling a lot since her childhood. From her birth place Hong Kong, she moved to Hawaii, where she lived until her early teens. After this, she moved to England, and then a few years later to Mumbai. She is also active in the charitable trust, called the Relief Projects India. Katrina works for the girls that are abandoned by their family and against female infanticide.

Katrina Kaif Fact #20] She has a music album which she released with the Oscar Award winning composer ‘A R Rahman ’ in 2010, when the two wanted to collect money in order to build a school for the children of Madurai.

Katrina Kaif Fact #21]  Although Katrina Kaif has lived in India for years, she is actually here on an employment Visa as she is legally a citizen of Britain. She does not have any property here in India.

Katrina Kaif Fact #22] Katrina Kaif has also appeared in a Malayalam film with ‘Mammootty ’, who is a huge Malayali superstar and two films for Telugu cinema.

Katrina Kaif Fact #23] She is the first EVER Bollywood celebrity to have their very own Barbie doll.

Katrina Kaif Fact #24] The actress knows her worth, and has been known to charge 5 crore rupees for an endorsement.

Katrina Kaif Fact #25] The actress is often fondly called Kat, as a short form of her name Katrina. However, the actress confessed i an interview that she hates being called by the name.

Katrina Kaif Fact #26] In the first part of the movie series ‘Welcome’, the actress is seen wearing a 2 lakh rupees silver dress. The dress was gifted to her by Emilio Pucci, a fashion designer from Italy.

Facts about Katrina Kaif
Facts about Katrina Kaif

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