Dunkirk: Certainly the Tightest, Most Unwaveringly Propulsive Film


The story of a French beach and harbour where allied soldiers are caught in a fierce battle, this is what ‘Dunkirk’ a World War II film depicts. Although much has been said about this unique, diverse and intense body of work, but no words can accurately justify this latest undertaking. With Dunkirk, the world of fans will see new meaning to the war genre this will flawlessly injects the dismay and horror of war right into his audience’s veins.

Director:  Christopher Nolan

Genre:  Action & Adventure, Drama

In Theaters: Jul 21, 2017 wide

Runtime: 107 minutes

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

Starring: Mark Rylance, Barry Keoghan, Tom Glynn-Carney, Aneurin Barnard, Damien Bonnard, Harry Styles, Fionn Whitehead, James Bloor, Jack Lowden, Lee Armstrong, Tom Hardy

Movie Review:

This storyline is extremely straightforward. About 4 lakh allied soldiers are stranded on a beach, surrounded by land and being picked off slowly by air bombers. But due to lack of ships they can not escape out. This is an absolutely harrowing piece of work full of fear, anxiety, strength and bravery. Dunkirk is the story of a complex game of survival, with little room for heroics. We have Dawson (played by Oscar winner Mark Rylance) on the sea, across the Channel. With the help of his son (Tom Glynn-Carney) and a local kid (Barry Keoghan) he is eager to join the fray. Each soldier, officer, pilot, general and captain featuring in the movie have their own significant role to do justice on.

Dunkirk is a film about finding the meaning of life surrounded by the meaninglessness of war. It is an existential masterpiece a story about men, created by men set across three parallel plots destined to collide, the earth, air, and water. Dunkirk is a purely visceral experience, especially in IMAX. But if you’re looking for a fun and mindless action flick there are other options around, if nothing else, it is yet another landmark achievement by one of the most important and skilled storyteller who not only puts a lot of thought into writing but cares dearly about the narrative structure.

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