Bollywood Runs To Register ‘Balakot’, Pulwama, Abhinandan Like Names For Movie Titles


Ever since Vicky Kaushal’s film ‘URI: The Surgical Strike’ made solid business at the box-office, there is rain in Bollywood with patriotic themes. Now day’s producers are showing more interest in making ‘patriotic’ films. The recent crisis between India and Pakistan over the Pulwama attack. In addition, India’s subsequent surgical strike on Jaish-e-Mohammed terror camp Balakot led Bollywood producers to book engaging names for upcoming films.

Similarly, according to a report the names on top of the lists are ‘Balakot’, Pulwama, Abhinandan – the pilot captured by Pakistan. Worth mentioning Balakot was the Jaish-e-Mohammed’s biggest and poshest training camp. It had facilities for nearly 600 men with a swimming pool and gym. In an early morning strike on Tuesday, Indian jet destroyed Balakot and two other terrorist camps inside Pakistan territories. Reminding about Abhinandan Varthaman, it is the name of Indian Air Force pilot who was captured by Pakistan army.

Movie Titles:’Balakot’, Pulwama, Abhinandan

According to the protocol to register a title, all a production house needs to do is fill a simple form. It should have 4-5 alternative titles in order of preference and pay a sum of Rs. 250 along with 18 percent GST. Often they register it so they can sell it off to a studio or producer at a big cost. They sell these to producers who might have the financial infrastructure to actually make the film. According to a recent scene in registering office person present at the office described the scene. He referred to it as “a khichdi”. Further, he says producers fought to register titles like Balakot, Surgical Strikes 2.0, and Pulwama Attacks.

He also said, “After a point, they started discussing amongst themselves. They suggest variations of the same title,” said the person, who begged off being identified for the fear of upsetting Bollywood bigwigs. “It was quite a sight.” It also came out the straight ones like Pulwama, Surgical Strike 2.0, Balakot are all gone.”

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