Akshay Kumar on wearing turban:every time I wear, I am filled with pride

Akshay Kumar-Kesari Movie
Akshay Kumar-Kesari Movie

Akshay Kumar in Kesari movie: Turban makes you feel proud

On wearing turban the actor proudly revealed, “I have been shooting for ‘Kesari’ since the last one and a half months, and every time that I wear the Taaj (turban) on my head, I am filled with pride“. “The turban [I wore] was so heavy. They used to wear turbans weighing one-and-a-half kgs in those days and carry swords of 30 kgs. Just imagine how they must have fought the battles. They consumed food prepared in pure ghee not steroids. 

Akshay Kumar in Kesari movie: Turban gives a sense of responsibility 

Akshay Kumar in Kesari movie told that when I wore a similar turban it was a different feeling. Even my daughter couldn’t recognize me in that attire. When you don a turban you feel a sense of responsibility. Your stance changes when you wear it. I don’t know if the film will do well at the box office or not but I am proud that we have made a film called Kesari which speaks about these valiant men.”

Akshay Kumar in Kesari movie admits that he learned about the history of the battle in detail while shooting for the film. “I also came to know that the saffron color (kesari) represents war,” he says. Essaying the role of a historical character was a different experience for the 51-year-old.

“For me the process of shooting is enjoyable; it’s not easy but I love being on the sets. Shooting for the film was a different experience because there was a lot of mud and sand around and we shot in the heat. A lot of sweat has gone into the making of the film,” he says.

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